Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you guys?

Hi, we are Antona Student Properties, one of the North Wests largest independently owned student property providers.

We offer modern, contemporary and very high spec student property, as well as providing an unrivalled care and quality service.

We are fully CLASS Accredited by Liverpool City Council and work closely with The University of Liverpool, John Moores University and Liverpool Hope University to provide top quality, safe properties to our tenants.


Are all your properties online?

We will only display the houses that are available for the upcoming letting year as most of our tenants look to renew their contracts on the properties they are currently in. The available properties are regularly updated, so keep checking back if you cannot see a house fitting your criteria.


When do viewings start and when do your houses usually go by?

Antona Student Properties are widely regarded as having some of the most sought after properties available to students, with some even having waiting lists on them a year before they become available.

Our properties have previously featured on the BBC, Channel 4 and in various magazines such as Heat and Zoo. Viewings start from 14th November, with all properties usually gone by 14th December. This is not common place for the industry so do not rush into a decision. Student housing week is ran by the various Universities in the February, however it is testament to Antona’s reputation and high standards that our houses usually go well before that time.


What happens if I like a property?

If you like the property, each person in your group will be asked to complete an Application Form which gives us your basic contact details and information.

Along with the Application Form, you will each be asked to pay a Holding Payment of £150.00 to secure your place at the property. Your Holding Payment is refunded to you when you eventually move into the house; but is a sign of commitment from you to us in the meantime; and in turn we will stop taking viewings on your future house. You will get a signed receipt for the Holding Payment.

A house is only reserved once all parties have submitted their completed Application Forms and Holding Payments. Your Tenancy Documentation will be sent to you within 48 hours of us receiving a completed Application Form and Holding Payment. Your Holding Payment will be refunded to you in the October of your tenancy, at your Welcome Meeting; however should you decide not to proceed with the tenancy, for whatever reason, your Holding Payment will not be refunded. This is further explained on the Application Form.


What is in my Tenancy Documentation?

Within your Tenancy Pack will be four items, a Welcome Letter, an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, a Guarantor Agreement and a Standing Order Instruction Form.
  1. The Welcome Letter is just that, a welcome to Antona, and offers key information such as when you can move in, when your Tenancy starts and ends, as well as how to fill out the other documents within the Tenancy Pack.
  2. The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement is the contract between you and us which confirms the house you are going to be tenanting, when you are to pay, how much you are to pay, how you are to pay it and conditions for letting the property. It also sets out our promises to you as Landlords and outlines your legal rights in full. This document will be signed by us and you, however you will also need to have a witness sign to confirm your signature.
  3. The Guarantor Agreement is signed by you, your Parent or Guardian and us, and is a contract which states that should you not be able to pay your rent, or assosiated bills/fines you have racked up, for whatever reason, your Parent or Guardian guarantees to pay it on your behalf.
  4. The Standing Order Form is an instruction to your bank to set up a Standing Order to pay your rent. You will fill in your details where specified then sign the base of the form and send it back to us. We will then post it to your bank for them to set- up the relevant Standing Orders that are outlined in the Tenancy Agreement. It is the Tenants responsibility prior to payments being took to ensure that their individual Standing Orders have been set up correctly, as due to Data Protection, we will not be able to do this on your behalf. A failed Standing Order may lead to a late payment charge, as outlined in the Tenancy Agreement.


What is the period of the tenancy?

The tenancy period is across 52 weeks running from 1st July through to 30th June the following year. However, we don't charge rent for the first two weeks in July, as this when we freshen up the properties. You will be asked not to move into the property during this refurbishment period.


How is rent paid?

Rental Payment methods and dates are confirmed in both your Welcome Letter and Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. Rent up until 14th October I paid via post-dated cheque and from 14th October onwards the remaining rent is paid by Standing Order, termly, on dates that will fall in line with the majority of student loan providers - usually around 14th October, 14th January and 14th April.


Who pays what bills?

We will pay all the household bills, offering unlimited Electricity, Gas, Water and Broadband Internet to the property. There is an option for you to collectively pay your own bills and pay £10.00 less rent per person per week. You will need to provide your own TV License for the property regardless of which option you choose.


What happens if one of my friends drop out?

If a friend drops out, firstly DON’T PANIC! If they drop out after they have returned their completed Tenancy Pack, this will not affect you at all, as it will be up to them to find a replacement or pay their contractually agreed rent regardless. If they however drop out before they have sent back their completed Tenancy Pack, you will usually be able to find a replacement well before the tenancy starts. If not, there is the option for you and your remaining friends to pay the extra rent for the vacant room. If you cannot find a replacement or do not want to make up the rent, you will risk losing the house as we can only let it as a complete unit.


What if I have more questions?

If there is anything else you want to know, please email on as we know how daunting signing for a house can be. This may be your first time, but we promise it isn’t ours, so there won’t be a question you can ask us that we haven’t answered many times before, so feel free to ask away!


How do I book a viewing for a property?

You can book a viewing by either selecting the property you are interested in on the Properties page, then scrolling down and filling in the form at the bottom. Alternatively you can go to the Contact Us page and fire us off an email from there or email us directly at We will then call or email you to arrange a suitable time for you to come and view a property.