Liverpool University is investigating an 'unacceptable' script for the medical students' society annual play where a character is drugged and raped in a parody of James Bond movie.

The script, which mocks the anti-rape slogan 'no means no' and has characters including Mrs SluttyPenny, James Bondage and head of MI6 Mmmmm, has caused outrage. Critics said today the 'misogynistic' pantomine is 'deeply offensive' and an 'embarrassment' because of it makes jokes about sex crimes.

The script has five scenes all based around sex and innuendo and is written like a pantomime. In the first scene the writers describe how when the 'lights go on all the girls do a gloriously slutty dance in retro slutty clothes' for the audience. The play concludes with Pussy Galore ties up Dr No Means No after giving him a Viagra overdose, ripping off his trousers and raping him as James Bondage watches. Afterwards all three burst into an explicit version of the classic Bond theme Live and Let Die.

The university, the medical students' society, and the Guild, Liverpool University's students' union, released a joint statement condemning the script. They said: 'We expect our students to comply with the University's policy on student conduct and discipline and adhere to appropriate standards of behaviour. The University and the Guild will continue to work together in combating sexism and sexual harassment."

The Guild also said: "We believe the material in this document is completely unacceptable and will be working with the University and the society to investigate and ensure that the content for this performance is suitable. Our talk from the founder of the everyday sexism project and the launch of our Call It Out campaign reinforces our stance on this type of behaviour and our efforts to ensure the University campus is safe and welcoming for all students".